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Automatic Noodle Making Machine Home Use Table Top Dough Sheeter Mini Noodle Maker

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The machine is divided into several models, and there are two functions. One is that there is no kneading function, the other is a kneading function, but the difference between material and size is larger, and the output is also a little more. The difference between the ordinary model and the upgraded stainless steel model is that the normal pressure roller and the face cutter of the pressure roller and the face cutter are made of carbon steel, while the upgraded stainless steel is made of stainless steel.

Cleaning Spin Magic Floor Cleaner Magie Mob Wet and Dry Wash Flat

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Place of Origin: Istanbul, Turkey
Head Shape: rectangle
Mop Rod Load-bearing: 10 kg
Wringing Method: Sliding Type
Mop Rod Type: General Rod + Stainless Tray
Dehydration Rate: 60% -70%
Component Type: Plastic Basket
Packaging: With 10 Mopheads
Shape: Rectangle
Type: Clamping Type
Capacity: 501-700ML
Weight: 2.1kg-4kg
Absorption: <10 seconds
Pole Material: Plastic
Mop Head Material: Microfibre Fabric
Handle Type: Foldable